Intro to the blockchain Microsoft Learn modules

Meaghan Lewis, Senior Program Manager and blockchain enthusiast, joins Dr. G to highlight a new Ethereum blockchain learning path on Microsoft Learn. See Meaghan take a tour around the modules that have been released and talk about what’s to come. Then, watch Dr G jump into these modules for the first time!


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00:00 – Introduction and Agenda
00:37 – Meaghan introduces blockchain content
06:21 – Dr G starts exploring the content
07:43 – Exploring the RemixIDE
08:37 – Copy Solidity code to Remix IDE and review
12:08 – Compile and Deploy code
13:13 – Test code
14:20 – Add code to give initial balance
16:20 – Add a require statement
18:26 – Compile and Deploy code
18:57 – Test code
20:33 – Recap
21:00 – Test Code
21:45 – Edit, compile, deploy, test to allow participant to add more money
23:22 – Add require to only allow initial balance updates
23:57 – Compile, deploy, test
25:24 – Recap