Hyperledger Denver hosts: Learn About The Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF) & Cactus

A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger Denver. About a year ago, Accenture launched a new chapter in our collaboration with the Hyperledger community. In October 2019, Accenture open sourced two software assets to Hyperledger Labs: Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF) & Blockchain Integration Framework (BIF). Thanks to the Hyperledger Labs framework, these two OSS projects have grown and so has their value to the Hyperledger community. BIF has now been promoted to a top level project, Cactus, and BAF continues to gain momentum by supporting more DLTs. In this session we will discuss how BAF & Cactus can help meet your needs, how you can get involved with the community and why Hyperledger Labs was a great home to scale these software.

More about the event is at: https://www.airmeet.com/e/1988e520-1ee8-11eb-b9d7-1f207413b319


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