BLockchain tEchnology and applicatioN Development (BLEND)

Objective of the course is to enable engineering students to understand Blockchain Technology and develop its applications.

Worldwide, Blockchain technology has brought forward a potential of a paradigm shift in building trusts from using trusted centralized systems to untrusted decentralized systems. Blockchain is seen as a technology with the potential to transform almost all industries and economies. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that 10% of the global GDP will be based on Blockchain technology by the year 2025 and has listed Blockchain as one of the 7 technologies that are anticipated to revolutionize various aspects of human lives. The demand for Blockchain professionals has grown significantly and top businesses in which Blockchain has huge potential for implementation include Financial and banking services, Insurance, Cloud storage, Travel and transportation, Energy, Media and entertainment, Automotive, Government and public sector, Healthcare and life sciences, Retail and e-commerce.


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It is envisaged that by undertaking this course, the student will be able to explain Blockchain Technology concepts, components and develop various applications using Blockchain Technology. Students will be assessed through an online exam & projects which are to be submitted at the end of the course.