Digital Week Online: Digital Transformation 360 – AI, Blockchain

Digital Transformation 360 – AI, Blockchain Panel at #DigitalWeekOnline


Ben Goertzel – Author, Founder of SingularityNet
Maya Zuckerman – Author, Researcher COO Luman,
Shameer Thaha – Author, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Accubits ,


Dinis Guarda, Author, CEO of citiesabc, intelligenthq, openbusinesscouncil

Panel sessions topics covered today:

– Digital Transformation – Society 5.0 – 4IR how to make it happen for cities and countries?
– How to Reinvent Cities and Nations in a time of Covid-19?
– Government & businesses digital transformation challenges & Opportunities
– Smart Cities – trends, opportunities and challenges
– Big Data and Cybersecurity for Nations and Businesses
– Digital Transformation 360 – AI, Blockchain


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