DeFi x SOLO | Blockchain & Crypto Leaders | Live AMA | Sologenic Giveaway | FREE | Nov 18th, 2020

On November 18, 2020, Sologenic will host the DeFi Virtual Event of the Year.

Join us to explore how DeFi is reshaping the global economy.

Hosted by Brent Hirose, DeFi x SOLO hosts the globe’s pinnacle of emerging crypto leaders, blockchain advocates, and traditional financial markets.

Sologenic will also introduce its Tokenization Asset Simulator with a live demo, which will show users how they can tokenize 40,000+ stocks, ETFs, and commodities from 30 global stock exchanges.

The event has limited places available, so register for FREE now and see how Sologenic will revolutionize the financial markets!


Steve Rich's Exciting New Book: A Journey into the World of Forex Trading!


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