Creating Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain || Blockchain Webinar Series || Madblocks


We are announcing our First Free Webinar exclusively from mad Blockchain Group for all the tech enthusiast who wants to learn Blockchain.

In this webinar, all the participants undergo a mentor-led training on creating Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.

The following are the quick points where we could understand from the webinar:

01. What is Blockchain?
02. Why it is so popular?
03. What is Bitcoin ?
04. What is Ethereum ?
05. Top 5 differences b/n Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains
06. How to create Ethereum Wallet?
07. How to make transactions on wallet?
08. What are Smart Contracts?
09. What is Remix IDE ?
10. How to create your first Smart Contract?
11. How to deploy it on the Private Test Network?

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Here is an amazing opportunity with us to learn the basic fundamentals of Blockchain.

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Join us on YouTube LIVE on 19th September at 6PM and do click on remainder to remind you 👇

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