Blockchain Life 2020. Interview with Platin Hero creator Alex Reinhardt

Alex Reinhardt, the creator of the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform Platin Hero, gave an interview for the Blockchain Life forum. At the interview, Alex told about what brought him into the crypto industry, how he came up with the idea of creating a crowdfunding platform, what are the main advantages of Platin Hero for users and why the market needs this project right now.

In this video, you will also find out:

Why Platin Hero is more secure than any other crowdfunding platform;
Which difficulties were encountered by the team while creating this platform;
The role of the PLC coin in the Platin Hero ecosystem;
The main problem of the crowdfunding market and how Platin Hero solves it.


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Platin Hero is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that leverages the advantages of the blockchain and smart contracts. Platin Hero is a key partner of the Blockchain Life forum in 2020.