Blockchain Items from 100+ Chests in Lost Relics | Chest Farming Loot | ARPG 2020 | Day 2

How many Blockchain items am I getting from 100 chests in Lost Relics? I am showcasing massive loot (coins and blockchain items) and a summary of my day 2 of gaming in Lost Relics.

I am looking into Lost Relics, an action RPG that I feel combines the best of dungeon crawler games like Diablo with RPG adventures such as World of Warcraft. The game is topped by a dynamic player-driven economy with blockchain items, that when looted and brought to your stash, are yours to keep, sell or destroy for life!

This Lost Relics video is based on the downloadable game from (version 0.1.000138) early access by codebitlabs.

In this Lost Relics action rpg video, I am sharing my noobish gameplay as I talk about the game based on my second full day of playing the game. I am sharing my loot from more than 100 chests in the Forgotten Chambers map and i aim to build drop statistics for databased farming. I have split the loot data into different categories ranging from normal chests, chests with a great deal of gold and chests with block chain items in them. I am also looking into the Royal Emporium (the market or auction house) and talking about the game in general. Blockchain items are crytpo currency digital items that can be traded for other items, funds or whatever anyone wants to give for them really. On my first day of gaming this arpg for free – completely free, I am looting an epic blockchain item, a rare blockchain item and several uncommon blockchain items! It’s raining with virtual items worth real money!

The blockchain loot concept is new to me, I am familiar with the concept, but have never played a game with actual blockchain loot before.

One thing worth nothing about Lost Relics is, that the game is completely free to play, unlike most blockchain games on the market right now.

You can play and have fun for free, but loot items that are yours to sell for real money (crypto currency).


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Lost Relics is the first free to play game I have found and enjoyed int he blockchain games category and a great arpg 2020

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