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4thtech implements blockchain-based solutions and facilitates digital transformation for the public and private sector. We aim to offer an upgrade to existing EU eDelivery, digital identity and notarization systems by providing a blockchain-based solution. Up to now 4thpillar technologies developed and deployed five important blockchain-based use-cases; (1) blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx); (2) digital identification mechanism (i.e. FOURid); (3) blockchain notarization service (i.e. FOURns); (4) blockchain gateway (i.e. FOURwaL), and; (5) four-token with transaction tokenisation service, TTS and MTO (i.e. FOUR). The project is a part of the UN/CEFACT, UNECE Chain initiative, awarded by Adriatic Council for blockchain innovation and deployed on the first National Blockchain EU infrastructure SI-Chain.

For better 4thtech project understanding, follow the links below that cover the technology, scope, project recognition and contribution to the world.

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*PROJECT WEBSITE: https://the4thpillar.io
*MEDIUM: https://medium.com/the4thpillar
*FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/the4thpillarltd
*TWITTER: https://twitter.com/the4thpillarltd

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*4THTECH NOTARISATION: https://medium.com/the4thpillar/notarisation-service-i-e-fourns-4thtech-third-main-development-ecf9467be9ea
*4THTECH ROADMAP: https://medium.com/the4thpillar/4thpillar-technologies-roadmap-a0a5426590f5
*HASHNET and 4THTECH consortium: https://medium.com/the4thpillar/the-consortium-between-4thpillar-technologies-and-hashnet-18d1dc854952
*THE SCOPE of SI-CHAIN: https://medium.com/the4thpillar/the-scope-of-si-chain-and-the-first-application-deployment-8977c40021ff
*UN/CEFACT and 4THTECH: https://medium.com/the4thpillar/4thtech-use-case-and-the-scope-of-the-un-cefact-cc3fa4a03938

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*CONTACT: https://www.the4thpillar.io/#contact
*CHAT: https://t.me/the4thpillarofficial

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