Will China use digital currencies like XRP? Wealth Transfer & Blockchain Ripple SWELL Sheila Warren

Today, the blockchain and digital currency industry is at an inflection point, similar to that of the internet boom of the 1990’s. Not unlike the internet’s historic impact, these technologies have the capacity to engender greater financial inclusion and economic opportunity. Will global policy makers provide thoughtful regulation that both fosters innovation and protects consumers? If not, what are the implications?

At Ripple Swell Global 2020, Sheila Warren—Head of the Blockchain and Digital Assets team at the World Economic Forum (WEF)—takes the stage in a fireside with Ripple’s SVP of Marketing, Monica Long, to address these questions. Warren will examine what it takes to design inclusively and with user protection in mind and how policymakers are thinking about digital currencies and blockchain technology today and tomorrow.

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