Why Plasma Blockchain For Central Bank Digital Currency?

With the ability to handle high transaction volumes and scale as needed, the plasma blockchain protocol can support the CBDC transaction needs of today and tomorrow.

The OMG Network is the value transfer network for ETH and ERC20 tokens. The OMG Network allows users can move digital assets faster, cheaper, and at the same level of security as Ethereum.



5 thoughts on “Why Plasma Blockchain For Central Bank Digital Currency?

  1. i want to buy something for $5 at the shop
    i can either…
    pay 5 dollars cash or fiat and get my item or…
    i can send them $5 dollars worth of eth via OMG network…and then pay a $5 gas/transaction fee for using eth… and then pay OMG as well.

    You are all tripping if you think thsi stuffs ever going to take off and go mainstream.

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