What is Blockchain – Simplified explanation of Blockchain Technology | Crypto Week #1

In this video, I have explained Blockchain Technology in a simplified way with practical examples.

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Crypto Week is a series on “Crypto Currencies” which comprises of multiple videos on Crypto Currencies, Block chain and everything that a beginner should know before starting Investing on Crypto Currencies.

Day-1 : Understanding BlockChain Technology
Day-2: Blockchain vs Bitcoin
Day-3: Which Crypto Currencies to invest?
Day-4: Mistakes Beginners should avoid on Crypto Currency investing
Day-5: Terminology of Crypto Currency investing
Day-6: Crypto Investing Tutorial using CoinDCX
Day-7: Are NFTs the Future?


00:00 – What is Blockchain?
01:35 – Problems with Centralized Applications
03:56 – Decentralised Applications
04:36 – Structure of a Block in Blockchain
08:23 – Smart Contracts
10:20 – How to build DApps?

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