VIS 2020: VIS Full Papers – Finance & Blockchain

VIS 2020: VIS Full Papers – Finance & Blockchain
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Session start: Fri Oct 30 10:00 UTC-06:00
Session end: Fri Oct 30 11:15 UTC-06:00
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Session Chair(s): Jörn Kohlhammer
1000-1015: TaxThemis: Interactive Mining and Exploration of Suspicious Tax Evasion Group by Yating Lin, Kamkwai Wong, Yong Wang, Rong Zhang, Bo Dong, Huamin Qu, Qinghua Zheng,.
Presented by Yating Lin
1015-1030: iConViz: Interactive Visual Exploration of the Default Contagion Risk of Networked-Guarantee Loans by Zhibin Niu, Runlin Li, Junqi Wu, Dawei Cheng, Jiawan Zhang.
Presented by Zhibin Niu
1030-1045: Visualization of Blockchain Data: A Systematic Review by Natkamon Tovanich, Nicolas Heulot, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Petra Isenberg.
Presented by Natkamon Tovanich
1045-1100: SilkViser: A Visual Explorer of Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency Transaction Data by Zengsheng Zhong, Shuirun Wei, Yeting Xu, Ying Zhao, Fangfang Zhou, Feng Luo, Ronghua Shi.
Presented by Shuirun Wei, Yunpeng Chen
1100-1115: AgentVis: Visual Analysis of Agent Behavior with Hierarchical Glyphs by Dylan Rees, Robert S Laramee, Paul Brookes, Tony D’Cruze, Gary A Smith, Aslam Miah.
Presented by Dylan Rees


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