Understanding Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and More – MGR Unplugged Podcast

An overview of Blockchain, Bitcoin and all things crypto. What you need to know and understand if you’re on the fence between thinking that cryptocurrencies are risky and fear of missing out.

As of this recording, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are surging again to highs not seen since 2018. At the same time, traditional investments are starting to show the fragility and volatility of the stock market.

But before you dive in to cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand what they are, and especially, the technology that enables them: Blockchain.

In this podcast, we discuss:

The basics of Blockchain. What it is, some of its current and future applications beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and how it decentralizes transactions without the need of a central clearing authority.

The origins of Bitcoin. The meaning of “mining” Bitcoin. The evolution and the technology behind it. The pros and cons of Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Applications and uses of Bitcoin in real life. Crypto exchanges, digital wallets, digital payments.


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How Ethereum’s technology differs from Bitcoin (and Ether, the currency, from Bitcoin’s currency). Strengths and vulnerabilities of each technology.

Both Ether and Bitcoin are traded via online exchanges and stored in different types of cryptocurrency wallets. They are also decentralized, meaning that they are not issued or regulated by a central bank or other central authority. Both use Blockchain as the distributed ledger. But that’s where the similarities end.

We share our opinion about each of them and whether you should invest in one or the other or both depending on your goals.

All that and much more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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