Ruben Merre – NGRAVE, Stablecoins, Blockchain Privacy and Hyperinflation in Latin America

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Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies across the globe,

Welcome back to our show! In this episode, we are proud to present you with the one and only Ruben Merre, CEO of #NGRAVE, a #Blockchain technology company developing an ultra-secure blockchain wallet solution in collaboration with THE tech giant IMEC. Ruben is a Belgium based entrepreneur, tech connoisseur, who is passionate about #stablecoins, Security for Digital Assets, and moving towards a secure data economy. In this interview, discover his admiration for crypto, his views on today’s banking system, yield farming, and how Blockchain solves issues in countries where Hyperinflation is at stake.


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00:00 Interview highlight
00:50 Cryptonites intro
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02:50 Welcome back To Cryptonites Y’all
03:13 Shout out to The Capital and Theta TV!
03:44 Ruben’s first investment in stocks
08:00 Why the stock market does not interest me
09:48 Inflation
12:37 Do we invest in Gold
15:33 Why stablecoins are interesting
17:30 Quantitative easing
17:59 Defi earning
18:20 Uniswap
24:00 Not your keys, not your coins
25:52 What Blockchain is aiming to do
32:00 What is staking