NFT, bringing art to the Blockchain (Non-Fungible tokens)

Non-Fungible Tokens will change the world. In essence, an NFT is a unique digital asset. It’s quite amazing that we can create unique digital objects. In its current state Non-Fungible tokens are a bit ridiculous. One of the most famous projects was Cryptokitties, where you could obtain/trade/breed virtual unique cats. A more recent project is “Don’t buy MEME”, where you can farm pineapples by staking MEME coins, and then buy “digital artworks”. These artworks can be quite expensive and they’re, in my opinion, a bit overpriced. It’s not because something is unique that it has to be expensive. But the idea, the concept, of making something digital unique is what makes NFT so interesting. What if I told you even Nike patented their own NFT, Cryptokicks? In this video, I talk about the potential and a possible future of Non-Fungible Tokens

In this video, I mention the work of artist David OReilly, be sure to check out for more of his work.

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