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Huobi Chain is designed by Nervos. Huobi’s high-performance public blockchain will be optimized for a wide range of financial services and applications, including lending services, debit services, stablecoins, security token offerings (STOs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), real-world payment services, and more.
Huobi Chain will also offer multi-asset support, smart contract capabilities and multi- and side-chain architectures to provide enterprises with a highly flexible and scalable structure. Huobi Chain claims to be the first blockchain to fully comply with the law.
What are the alternatives to blockchain for maintaining the health and safety of human resource data such as financial data related to human resources?

One of the main applications of Blockchain is that it can represent itself in the field of payments in an organization. By payments we mean the financial affairs of the organization and its employees. Blockchain can eliminate many manual operations and get payroll systems up and running without any delay or interruption. Blockchain can use alternatives such as those smart contracts presented earlier to advance the payment process through automation and provide transparency and security. Especially at a time when the company continues to collaborate with international outsourcing forces, the existence of a blockchain-like infrastructure for paying salaries can be a very interesting functional idea. With blockchain,
Currently, some companies and organizations around the world are using blockchain to pay their employees. Smart contracts are beneficial in terms of paying for human resources and efforts. Each smart contract is a code written taking into account a set of parameters. The development of each contract completely affects the payroll and financial affairs, and these affairs depend on the Blockchain network codes.

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