HBAR a 3rd generation blockchain

Today we’ll be taking a dive into Hedera Hashgraph! We’ll be talking about some of the reasons why HBAR could become something big in the future! hope you guys enjoy the vid!

*This is not financial advice*


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6 thoughts on “HBAR a 3rd generation blockchain

  1. HBAR has great potential, get in early before the big boys start talking about it. Just look up there website and recent news articles. I see this as a great investment

  2. Great video! Been in HBAR since February. Hope you bought in then as well. I truly feel their the future of DLT and tokenization. I was first disappointed with today’s two year update as I thought a major counsel member was going to be release ( PayPal, visa, star link, eBay, etc). This is still likely in the future. I think I'm seeing the bigger picture. The foundation they set up I believe is for research funding partially for the elite universities on the council as well as others. There front running this field by essentially paying to teach the next generation of programmers as well as business professionals the ins and outs of hashgraph tech. When they mean 100 year company they mean it. This is a long term play on there part. Obviously there will be short term gains as well.

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