Garbage Pail Kids Take Over the Blockchain

Did you feel the ground shake? I’m not referencing the latest California earthquake. Those happen all the time. I’m talking about a little project that quietly launched a couple weeks ago which set the new standard for digital collectibles on blockchain.

We’ve got names for those held responsible. Nasty Nick, Fryin’ Bryan, Kim Kong, Bony Joanie and Adam Bomb are just a few of the 82 now being held for questioning.

If those names sound familiar, you may have grown up in the eighties and collected Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. The very same cards from the Topps organization were released on the WAX blockchain, sold out in just over one day and now have a secondary market that you won’t believe.

Today we are joined by Evan Vandenberg, Director of Business Development at WAX to discuss this launch and what it means for the future of digital collectibles.

And speaking of NFTs we also check in with Jesse Reich from the collectible trading card game, Splinterlands. Now the top Dapp on, we can learn a lot about what is working in this new space.

Dust off your eighties vinyl and put some mousse in your hair for episode #413 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 

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