FREE HARDWARE!! Emrit, Peter Saddington Interview – Blockchain Herd Podcast w/ Mary Delgado

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About Emrit: (FROM WEBSITE)

At Emrit, we are on a mission to create the largest network of Helium Hotspots, cultivating a community of advanced operators and users, in order for Emrit hotspots to rise to the top of the Helium community. #teamemrit

With your help, we can expand #ThePeoplesNetwork across the globe. Our network is forming the basis of LoRaWAN IoT capabilities saving everyone immense sums of money and propelling our society forward in new and exciting ways. As the largest distributor of Helium Hotspots, our hope at Emrit is to be able to have the most optimized contributing hotspots, as well as be the go-to co-developing partner with Helium for the community.

To thank you for your adoption, we would like to reward you with a FREE hotspot (one per street address, 300 meters apart physically), FREE shipping (within USA/CAN), 100 HNT tokens for activation, and ongoing REVENUE SHARE (15% of the Hotspot’s earning as long as the hotspot is running with you). We also have referral programs in place. Essentially, these rewards are a ‘thank you’ for using the FREE provided Hotspots which help us achieve our vision of a more connected future, powering the IoT future, with you!

About Peter Saddington:
– Founded 4 startups – Emrit CoolSpot®, VINwiki, Action & Influence (acq. 2014), YEN
– Published 3 books – Scrum, Agile, Personal Branding
– Completed 3 graduate degrees – Education, Counseling, Divinity
– Thousands trained in Agile/Scrum as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2009
– Racecar driver (SCCA Radical SR3) and go kart Dad

– Agile & Scrum Training – CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, Agile for Leadership, Agile for Startups
– Startup & VC Consulting – Early-stage to the Fortune 500
– Personal Branding and Community Building – I’ve been building communities and creating educational videos for 15+ years

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Blockchain Herd Podcast with Mary Delgado