EHR Data: The first Healthcare Data Platform using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Ron Austring, Cheryl D. Jorgenson and Joseph Eckstein Of EHR Data discusses data ownership, monetization of paients data and EHR Data Utility using BSV Blockchain

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:47 EHR Data video introduction
02:32 Introduction from Cheryl D. Jorgenson – Chief Clinical Officer, EHR Data
03:15 Monetize patients data
04:45 Pandemic unleashes another phase of Opioid Epidemic
07:32 Proof of Concept
08:44 Global solution (Siloed data) using BSV blockchain
10:31 Introduction from Joseph Eckstein – Director of Product Design, EHR Data
10:54 Phase One: Missouri Proof of Concept
15:06 COVID-19 use case (patients record etc)
16:23 Data ownership
18:40 Introduction from Ron Austring – Chief Scientist & Consultant, EHR Data
19:09 Example of Bitcoin SV Loyalty Card Use
22:10 What is the EHR Data Utility?
24:00 Benefits of EHR Data Utility
25:05 Costs in incorporating the Data Utility
33:04 EHR Data Mobile Applications development
36:40 Closing video presentation

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