DLT and Blockchain in the Real World: Hedera for data compliance at SAFE

Ken Mayer, Founder, and CEO of Safe Health Systems (SAFE) — a digital health and connected diagnostics platform operated in partnership with Mayo Clinic — and Jim Nasr, CEO of Acoer, share how they’re utilizing Hedera Hashgraph, including a demo and deep-dive into their technical architecture. In addition to creating secure health identifiers for end-users, Hedera powers Acoer’s “data stamping API” used by SAFE to prove the authenticity of diagnostic test records in real-time, while preserving end-user privacy and meeting data compliance requirements. This API has generated over 1,000,000 data stamps on the Hedera mainnet.

SAFE is used in production by over 200,000 users today at Delta, ASU, and the Mayo Clinic for patient record management, population health, care automation, digital practice, and more. Hedera’s real-time performance, low transaction costs, and stability are fundamental to meeting the needs of SAFE’s application, without interfering with end-user experiences or system performance.

Developer resources:
Chat: https://hedera.com/discord
Docs: https://docs.hedera.com/guides
GitHub: https://github.com/hashgraph
Testnet Access: https://portal.hedera.com


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