Dev Diaries II: No-Code Blockchain Game Integration with Enjin

@SamTheBay envisioned an improved approach to Web3 games. He aspired for a system that could programmatically mint NFTs without human interference, ensuring low latencies, low transaction costs, and offering server-based multiplayer gameplay.

Initially, he went to Ethereum, but high transaction fees and compatibility issues with Unity’s C# for token minting led him to explore other options. It was then that he discovered the Enjin SDK in the Unity Asset Store. Enjin’s unique offering of “No-code blockchain integration” through SDKs enables game developers, even those without any blockchain knowledge, to effortlessly integrate web3 tech into their projects. This was a game-changer for Sam, and he seamlessly integrated it into his work.

Through extensive research and learning, Sam decided to utilize Enjin’s JumpNet sidechain for its low-cost transactions. He worked off his previous game “Privateteers”, and started developing a multiplayer server-based game. To achieve his vision for The Etherscape, Sam designed a system architecture that combined various technologies: Unity, Windows Azure, Google Firebase, and the Enjin Blockchain. This architecture enabled players to mint their tokens from in-game achievements, empowering them to drive the game’s economy.


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