CV VC Global Report – Blockchain in Art

The CV VC Global Report, created by CV VC together with PwC and Cointelegraph, is a new periodical report which highlights technology trends and showcases top global blockchain companies across the following sectors:
– Blockchain in Art
– Brokers & Crypto Banks
– Crypto Exchanges
– Custody Providers
– Platforms & Protocols
– Token Issuance Companies
– Venture Capitalists in Blockchain

This Event will cover the Sector: Blockchain in Art

The Art market counts to one of the most dynamic, lucrative, and compelling markets since many years. Nevertheless, this market has a very high entry barrier for several reasons. On one side, the unique and best art works are going for extremely high prices and getting access to such pieces can be challenging. On the other side, the rest of the ark market is highly flooded of choices, making it hard to gain an overview of what is on the market, ensuring the provenance of an artwork or protecting the pieces against fraud and counterfeit.Companies are using blockchain technology to tackle these arising issues by steering the art market into its new digital direction and changing the way we buy, sell, support, view or even create art. This following list will introduce you to the top blockchain companies who are revolutionizing the art market by using blockchain technology.

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