CG Live Presentation – Intellectual Property & Blockchain

Scott Adams, partner of Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP, Will Chelton, Chief Legal Officer of nChain, and Cerian Jones, Patent Attorney Counsel of nChain discussed about intellectual property and blockchain at CG live.

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:12 Intro by Founding President of Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen
01:19 What is or is not patentable intellectual property?
05:55 What is or is not patentable in blockchain?
06:25 Inventions on blockchain that is granted patent VS the ones that are not
09:31 Technical areas dealing with patent blockchain applications
11:29 Overview of nChain’s IP portfolio
15:25 Are nChain’s inventions only usable on the Bitcoin SV network?
16:33 nChain’s inventions that extend beyond blockchain usage
18:40 When to file patent applications and types of patentable inventions on blockchain
20:50 Whether blockchain ventures protect intellectual property VS making it available for free
22:40 Misconception about intellectual property of creators on open source license codes
27:30 Whether patenting in blockchain stifles innovation VS helping the industry grow
30:55 Whether patents are good or should companies open source their products
32:20 Where is the blockchain industry going in terms of patents and intellectual property protection?

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