Can Blockchain Help Secure Municipal Data? – A Panel Discussion

Data breaches are real and here to stay. While private companies have traditionally been the ones facing such breaches, the threat is slowly growing for municipalities as well. And although no system can be 100% secure, it is important for municipalities to start considering state-of-the-art solutions to help secure their data and associated processes.
Blockchain is one such solution that has done wonders in securing the financial transactions for banks, airlines, and other industries. And while such a strong solution may not have made financial sense for municipalities even five years ago, this could be the ‘new normal’ from hereon.
Join Emily Webb (CEO, DOCK), as she leads this fascinating panel discussion with industry experts, Everett Carney (CEO, Abyss) and Sachin Narode (CEO, Xeniapp Inc.). The panel’s aim will be to:
1. Give an overview of Blockchain
2. Talk about how it is currently being used to secure sensitive data in various industries
3. Share their thoughts on how municipalities can benefit from the strengths of Blockchain to protect data, and build strong systems from ground-up
4. Help answer your questions LIVE


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