BREAKING NEWS: Helium Announces Proof of Coverage Changes in New Blockchain Update! | Crypto Gossip

A breaking news update that was just announced on the Helium Discord about a major update to Proof of Coverage witnesses and rates on the blockchain. What impact will this have on earnings?

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18 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Helium Announces Proof of Coverage Changes in New Blockchain Update! | Crypto Gossip

  1. Another mention is that Helium touted their association with Biticoin and its relatively low Max Capacity of tokens:
    223 million

    Yet with the continually dropping amount of HNT token rewards daily, there will be another dramatic change coming:

    The HNT token model will be revised to alter the Max Capacity of tokens (to reflect the steady drop in tokens rewarded.

    223 million (currently) ——-> 2.23 billion (and increase of 1000 times)
    Are they heading towards Safemoons (quadrillion tokens Max Cap.) ?? As the tokens rewards keep dropping.

    So instead of earning (for example) 0.08 tokens it would be 0.08 x 1000 = 80 tokens.

    > The value of the tokens would decrease by 1000x, but you would receive more of em' to match the original 0.08 rewarded. After all, 0.08 in your wallet doesn't look as appealing as 80 tokens.

  2. What with all the delays in shipping (esp. Nebra), it is ironic that with this change in the Helium rewards trending downward, there is time to reconsider your purchase and request a refund.

    5g and the flood of devices (50,000+ monthly) are sure to have a dramatic impact on all who participate.

  3. This is what I warned about.. the network growing so fast it can't keep up with itself, thus having to make radical urgent changes 🥶
    I mean my God I feel like HNT has changed more than ETH in it's 2year lifespan 😅😳

  4. Full time concerned Helium Supporter here
    But.. Is it just me being a Grinch or is there actually an actual benefit to having millions of Lorawan miners on the network? Considering a city like NY could be blanketed by 1000 or less! Is the network spreading itself too thin? Because these hotspots aren't spreading out..
    This unnecessary overcrowding affect the network long term?

  5. My rewards have decreased drasticly. Still waiting for 2 RAK miners to arrive by next month. Thinking on selling them.

  6. In the last few days the Bobcats deployed in my region (wrong region to them) began to reduce their earnings dramatically and not witnessing anybody. On the other hand, my SenseCap (in the right region) started to witness Bobcats and to earn higher rewards than before when I was witnessing nobody because I am surrounded by Bobcats.

  7. Helium: Good news helium miners we are cutting your earnings in half. I know isn't it great? You're welcome!

  8. I thought POC 11 was to benefit those who had invested in antennas and height but it seems like this update is going to balance out the overall HNT mined by making it easier for less strong miners to have more connections, not sure this is correct but it doesn't seem to benefit the miners that are doing better? Also, if the POC was based on who was the faster to witness and its random now does that mean that it is also removed?

  9. Not sure when this went live but both of my miners' haven't seen any activity for the last 4 almost 5 hours which is out of the ordinary. They usually have some kind of activity every hour or so.

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