BOMcheck blockchain web database: the cost-effective SCIP compliance solution recognised by ECHA

On 27 May the BOMcheck blockchain web database became the first solution to implement a fully functional integration to the ECHA SCIP database. On Friday 4 September, ECHA invited BOMcheck to demonstrate our SCIP compliance solution to the ECHA IT User Group and explain how all industry sectors can automatically roll-up and submit SCIP data across their supply chains.

This recorded webinar highlights how Siemens Healthineers, IKEA and hundreds of companies are using the BOMcheck SCIP solution to meet their compliance reporting obligations by the 5 January 2021 deadline.

The webinar demonstrates the dashboard, how to assess your data, how to add other identifiers for consumer products, and how to set your submission frequency. It takes 4 minutes for BOMcheck to upload 100,000 parts to create assemblies, sub-assemblies, etc. and 30 seconds to recalculate compliance and create new SCIP dossiers for these assemblies, sub-assemblies, etc. when any of these 100,000 parts changes.


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The webinar explains how the parent company can submit on behalf of all companies in the group, and how to reuse submissions from suppliers. It shows how the blockchain in BOMcheck provides a robust, transparent and auditable history of all component supplier and product manufacturer data provided through the platform. And our solution is 10 – 20 times less expensive than other solutions!