Blockchain Monster Hunt – The First Multi-Chain NFT Monster Hunt


The game itself is the very first multi-chain game that is able to run entirely on the Blockchain. A closer look at the game reveals heavy inspiration from titles such as Classic Pokemon. Allowing players to explore new players across the Blockchain in order to hunt and fight monsters. The Blockchain Monster Hunt team understands the strengths and advantages of the countless Blockchain Ecosystems available. Every single Crypto investor certainly has a preference for particular Networks. Be they NFT collectors, avid traders, or holders. This project is aimed towards the widest range of Gamers and Investors alike. The in-game earnings and currency are through the BCMC ERC-20 token. This token can freely move through any of the supported chains without the need for any Bridging system or 3rd party platforms.
The Token itself has a great deal of utility both in-game and as an investment opportunity. Allowing players to not only catch monsters and boost their returns but also as a means of insurance against loss. There is also the utility through the marketplace as well as the staking pools and the introduction of governance features.



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