BLOCKCHAIN IS A TEAM SPORT (E1) – David Post (IBM Blockchain)

In our very FIRST episode, Misha is joined by friend & close-knit colleague David Post, Managing Director at IBM Blockchain. Misha & David met a couple of years back through a mutual friend, shared a New York City dinner, and have been basically brothers of the blockchain ecosystem ever since. For Misha, there was no better guest, and guinea-pig for our very first episode…than David.

In this episode we’ll dive deep into topics such as…

-The benefits of blockchain, who needs it, & what’s slowing down its adoption
-Where the concepts of business development, partnerships & network-building comes into the picture, from 2 guys who are BOTH big on strategic partnerships
-The future of smart-cities from a digital transformation perspective
-The biggest challenges & opportunities facing the enterprise today

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