Blockchain Governance, Voting, and Proposals with Dash Core Group | TCE 107

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor and CMO Fernando Gutierrez join us to discuss blockchain governance, voting, and proposals and how the Cardano community can learn from their experience. If you plan on submitting a proposal or voting, this episode is a must watch!

Check out Dash proposals and the voting process

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Meet Fernando and Ryan
01:28 Blockchain governance explained
11:00 Collusion between master nodes
16:29 Voting in the best interest of the network
25:03 Making a successful proposal
34:06 What does voting in Dash look like?
39:41 What proposals are the most successful?
43:50 The evolution and future of governance
50:58 Voting thresholds
54:35 Final thoughts

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