Blockchain gaming PLAY TO EARN + How to farm 11 tokens at once with Galaxy farm !!!

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Blockchain gaming play to earn. In this episode we look at a number of Blockchain games and discuss play to earn. We update you on the ethereum ecosystem and look at the partnership between router protocol and polygon. Here is the link where you can farm 11 tokens at once. We think this is a great new innovation in the Blockchain space.

Lastly we look at how to migrate Bonk to megabonk. Today is the last day to do this if you are a bonk token holder.

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This show is not financial advice, you must do your own research. Crypto markets are extremely volatile and require extreme caution when making any financial decisions. You should consult your qualified financial advisor.

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12 thoughts on “Blockchain gaming PLAY TO EARN + How to farm 11 tokens at once with Galaxy farm !!!

  1. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge regarding crypto and play to earn games Hardforking fam! We're always here to support you ♡♡

  2. Great video guys, just a heads up cohort 2 on Galaxy Farm is ETH paired not USDC like cohort 1. I'm fairly new to yield farming do you have any advise on how to manage impermanent loss?

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  4. keep sharing hardforking😇😊 . i learn a lot of this channel😊 i recommend this channel to my friends and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE godbless and keep safe mr. stefano, mr. gonzo and also mr. sean😇😇😇

  5. I got 5Btc through @cryptodavis11 on telegram I'm really happy here I think it was fake but I confirmed it in my available balance now thanks so much sir.

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