Blockchain Gaming News! The best crypto and NFTs to buy right now!

In this video I bring you all kinds of juicy blockchain gaming news! Back to the Future Doloreans are being released on Veve! Our 5 v 5 team arena game has a major announcement! Updates on Alien Worlds and land deeds, Enjin and Jumpnet, Chain Games and more!!

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Intro: (0:00)
AAA Developers working with us!: (0:28)
Enjin and Jumpnet news!: (4:00)
Alien Worlds strikes gold!: (9:06)
Back to the Future NFT on Veve!: (12:11)
Opportunity with VRA token?: (13:36)
Chain Games Opportunity? But in trouble with Epic Games?: (15:59)
More BCK coming!: (20:15)

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