Blockchain and Smart Contract – PAMBA 2020

Professor Miklos Vasarhelyi, Abby Zhang

00:00:28 Overview
00:00:41Bitcoin Blockchain – Long Story Short
00:10:23 Bitcoin Blockchain – Purpose of Creating Bitcoin
00:12:59 Bitcoin Blockchain – Solve Double Spending Problem
00:16:56 Cryptographic Identity
00:18:34 Bitcoin Blockchain – Solve Double Spending Problem Part #2
00:21:41 Cryptographic Hash Functions
00:23:36 Bitcoin Blockchain – Hash-based Proof-of-Work
00:29:06 The Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Network/Bitcoin Block Chain
00:31:19 Blockchain Summary
00:32:47 Features of Blockchain
00:39:15 Applications of Blockchain
00:46:05 Smart Contract (Chain code)
00:52:08 Current Blockchain Research at CARLab

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