Blockchain and Lean Systems Thinking

Why do we need Blockchain Technology and how is it connected to Lean Systems Thinking ?
What the Internet does for information flow, Blockchain does for value flow.
Blockchain is a new ‘Lean Tool’ to organize value flow of transactions reducing errors and mis-communications and removing waiting time and bottlenecks.
@Machiel Tesser and @Gijis Wijers explain these concepts in more detail in conversation with @John Dennis Also see and follow :

00:00 Why do we need more lean system thinkers?
Optimize B2B processes
Validate Blockchain propositions

00:004:00 Current state
Waste by design, push system, conversation starter

00:07:18 Causes
The biggest constraints in value flow.

00:08:35 What are the consequences?
Waste by business design..

00:12:33 Information requirement?
What, where, who and that-information automated


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00:16:00 Future State
– Hoshin Kanri (alignment, mission and vision))
– Quality, reliability, flexibility, costs and lead time of the system
– KPI’s for value adding business activities

00:19:58 The main benefits
Allignment, collaboration, transparancy, visualization, feedbackloops, standardization, kaizen, SOP, automation, consensus, kanban, andon.

00:23:08 The voice of the network (VON)
Reinventing value flows, community thinking.

00:29:04 Why do we need more lean system thinkers?
What the internet did for information flow, blockchain will do for value flow!