Bitcoin | How Bitcoin and Blockchain Fight Surveillance Capitalism | Why Bitcoin Matters

Bitcoin is a revolution and so is the technology behind it, blockchain. Bitcoin emerged in the wake of the 2008 recession. since then bitcoin has changed the world of finance. Part of me gets excited every time there is new bitcoin news, as bitcoin helps to fight surveillance capitalism. The tech behind bitcoin – blockchain has existed since 1991 but, bitcoin is the first interesting thing it was applied to. Blockchain has many interesting applications outside of bitcoin. Blockchain is currently being used to fight Id theft and poachers. But the most interesting thing blockchain is along bitcoin is fighting surveillance capitalism. bitcoin technology or blockchaining has some serious potential to disrupt


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0:00 – 0:33 intro
0:34 – 2:02 blockchain History
2:03 – 3:40 Surveillance capitalism
3:41- 4:52 Why bitcoin and Blockchain are better
4:53 – 8:05 How they disrupt the economy