$100 NFT GIVEAWAY & How The Blockchain Could Benefit Bands and Artists Financially | Vlog 019

Welcome back! This Vlog attempts to build on my previous video blog (Vlog 018) which was somewhat depressing as it highlighted the loss of revenue for bands, artists and musicians. This video attempts to expand into new ground and suggest ways in which the blockchain could provide a store of value via digital assets for fans and establish a new revenue streams for artists while distributing their music. We discuss non fungible tokens on the Ethereum network via Rarible, AudioNFT.

I also announced a give away to try and get the ball rolling, I’ll be giving away 2 NFTs of my album “Fragments” to a maximum of 10 people. This gives you the option to either keep one copy for yourself and sell the second, or go ahead and sell both copies, it is entirely up to you! To enter, simply contact me through my website – and let me know your Rarible ID.

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