The European Central Bank’s 2020 report (dated December) points to the urgent need for cryptocurrency to be introduced into everyday life. Alongside this, 2021 continues to be a year of global changes in the economy amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Fusion is a decentralized and open-source blockchain that offers users an ecosystem for converting cryptocurrencies and stable coins without using exchange platforms. The technology eliminates intermediaries in the financial process.

Ninety-seven validators protect the Fusion network, and most recently, the blockchain has crossed 10 million transactions on the network. The transaction fee is around $ 0.001552.

Using its technology, Fusion’s unique features have combined blockchains and ensured their mutual integration, eliminating once and for all the existing problems of blockchains – the complexity of interaction and isolation. Hundreds of platforms are developing almost separately and require interconnection to allow the digital finance revolution’s full potential to be realized.

The report of the Central Bank of Europe states:

“Fusion aims to connect different DLTs by employing a common public blockchain using Decentralized Control Rights Management (DCRM) – an open-source interoperable solution that offers a decentralized custodian model (cross-chain and cross-system). Where assets are held and transferred on behalf of the user across heterogeneous chains. The DCRM is to offer hot wallet liquidity with cold wallet security, a key recovery system and, a settlement network, as well as an option of introducing protection requiring multiple approvals in case of both workflow on-chain or off-chain.”

The Fusion Network is pioneering in the layer-1 space of De-Fi, providing users with a robust blockchain to support financial transactions. The team has developed an ecosystem to contain protocols such as AnySwap and Chaing, which will continue to propel this blockchain towards its end mission of supporting the future infrastructure of finance.

For more information, or if you wish to stay up to date on the project, check out project and media pages:

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ECB report

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  2. Судя по крепкой технической основе Fusion и крайне низкой текущей капе, потенциал у монетки очень большой! Выстрелить может, как и фантом за прошедший год, и дать десятки иксов.

  3. Wow! Fusion capitalization is 11 times lower than fantom and 45 times lower than avalanche? Sounds undervalued

  4. FSN красавчики! Они ещё дадут о себе знать! Продукт есть осталось дело за малым!!!

  5. Fusion is amazing project! Everyone need to buy it and hold, because this is future of crypto!

    Thank you for the Video!!!

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