The Future of Blockchain Gaming – Exploring new Web3 technologies with Ajuna and Integritee

Gamers shouldn’t have to choose between genuine ownership of the games they love and compelling gameplay. That’s Ajuna wants to empower devs to build Web3 games that play just as well as your favorites. But how will do they plan to achieve this goal in reality?

We have partnered with Ajuna to allow entire game engines to be run in off-chain trusted execution environments (TEEs). It sounds complicated, but this is what enables Ajuna to support games that deliver the perfect balance between decentralization and performance.

Where are the biggest opportunities for Web3 gaming over the next 5 years? What type of games can break out from the crypto scene to the mainstream?

Nicholas Douzinas, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Ajuna Network
Waldemar Scherer, Co-Founder, and CEO, Integritee Network

What’s more: there are exclusive, limited NFTs up for grabs for those who watch closely. Watch the full video and answer 3 questions to be eligible:

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