This is a huge SafeMoon update including a connection between SafeMoon, Hoard Invest, and Papa. What is Hoard? How is Hoard linked to SafeMoon? What does Hoard, Smaug, and Papa’s discord posts have to do with SafeMoon? New Papa hints are explored in this video. I also discuss a SafeMoon price prediction, The Gambia updates, Project Pheonix, crypto market as a whole, SafeMoon price in the short and long term, SafeMoon blockchain, and MORE big SafeMoon announcements!

Will SafeMoon reach 1 cent? When will SafeMoon be 1 cent? I can’t tell you exactly. But, what I can tell you is most up to date SafeMoon news and other updates on SafeMoon!

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I am NOT a financial advisor and this is NOT financial advice. Invest at your own risk and NEVER invest what you can’t afford to lose!

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14 thoughts on “SafeMoon, Hoard, and Papa Hints EXPLAINED! HUGE NEWS UPDATE! SMAUG, BLOCKCHAIN, AND MORE!

  1. They just didn't change the date.. Hoard was over and they just didn't change the
    date of employment. It's a many time in companies if they gone .. Why should it
    be changed bcoz the company is gone and nobody have an interest in that.

    But of course it's an amazing fact behind SafeMoon 👍 I totally trust in this and
    I hold from the first day until we go to the moon 🚀🚀

  2. It just worries me that if Hoard tried and failed and by failed, I mean disapeared, then… The same could happen with Safemoon. It all seems a bit weird right now and as I've mentioned, it is the first time I've been worried, and I hold a good portion of tokens

  3. John always says Safemoon is the evolution. I always assumed he was talking about the evolution of crypto. He has been saying Safemoon is the evolution of hoard

  4. Hey Michael, can you do a vid on how you think papa means safemoon will get to 100mil in circulation. I’m still trying to understand it. Cheers

  5. Investing in Crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some month time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  6. This just confirmed my hunch that #Safemoon isn't a new project. I think that they were developing this for a time and just now made it public. They are too fast to be just another start up😁 To the moon🥳

  7. um..fork is just like a reverse split in application.. so..kind of silly to say it wont be a reverse split if you think its going to be a fork..and if you think its going to be a fork than you can't do any mathematical equation to guess how much you'll have at a penny cause just like a reverse split, your dreams of riding it up goes bust

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