GRP Group Blockchain – Coming Soon… September 15, 2020 #EOS #GRP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

The POG(Proof of Group) protocol provides an immediately available scalability solution for Group, creating the opportunity for staking and delegated staking, very fast transactions, and very low transactional costs. POG runs on a fully compatible EOS-based chain, allowing while providing greater efficiency, lower fees, configurability, and other benefits relative to current EOS consensus implementations.

In addition to slow and costly transactions, there is increasing evidence that
Nakamoto consensus (also known as Proof of Work) models are not cologically viable in the long term. Bitcoin currently uses “at least 2.55 gigawatts of electricity”, with the potential to consume “7.67 gigawatts in the future”, comparable to the total usage of countries like “Austria (8.2 gigawatts).” As a result, more blockchain networks are adopting better protocol variants as consensus alternatives. These protocols are responsible for designating the network nodes that process transactions and update the ledger in a distributed system. They have been shown to provide the requisite security and consensus for a blockchain, and offer improved efficiency over current Nakamoto implementations. Participants in POG protocols stake assets, in the form of tokens or coins, to protect the network and achieve agreement regarding blockchain transactions. There are many projects within the Group ecosystem where project specific tokens are held by project supporters, however, these assets have limited utility. By converting project specific tokens to GRP.


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