10 Innovative Blockchain Websites You Need to Know About | Web 3.0

Blockchain technology will change aspects of the internet in ways we can’t quite see yet. Just like the way social media did a decade ago. So what are some creative and interesting blockchain websites currently being developed? .CRYPTO:

From domain name registration and web hosting, to cloud file storage and NFT marketplaces to new decentralized communication platforms. There is so much potential for for what blockchain and cryptocurrency will provide.


► Unstoppable domains – Get your .cypto today:

► Get on the waitlist for Blockfi’s crypto credit card:

Unstoppable Domains
Blockfi credit card

On the list my personal favorites are unstoppable domains. You can set it up like you would a donation button in that you make it easy for anyone to send you crypto currency. I also like the idea behind Bitclout in that you can invest in public figures. Last, the Blockfi credit card seems to be worth paying attention too. Will it be better than actual, reward cards, we’ll find out.


► Accept crypto payments on your website, blog or online store:

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